Bucket Elevators


Universal Industries

We have proudly represented and sold Universal Industries Bucket Elevators for more than 40 years. 

Universal Offers a wide selection of Bucket Elevator Options with a consistent track record of outstanding performance.

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Alpha Series

Our Alpha Series elevators consist of a twin trunk casing that is designed to be dust tight and free from ledges for product to accumulate on. Each Alpha Series model offers an EASY DUMP® capacity rating that utilizes gravity discharge techniques to reduce mechanical damage. EASY DUMP® elevators are known best for moving easily fluidized, friable, and/or abrasive materials.

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U Series

U Series bucket elevators utilize a single trunk casing and are built with thicker steel to handle corrosive, abrasive and hostile materials. When the elevator experiences extreme temperatures and/or additional harsh material characteristics, Universal Industries, Inc.® offers chain instead of belt for various U Series Elevators.

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Top Take-up U Series

Our Top Take-up U Series elevators are constructed with the take-up system in the head casing rather than the boot. This design allows for a curved bottom boot to reduce product build up and offers a better seal for fine and dusty materials.

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In addition to offering full Bucket Elevators we also are a full provider of elevator parts.

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